With regular visits from all industry professionals, Stonehouse can offer the highest quality of all services, whether it is farrier, dentistry or veterinary. Stonehouse has it covered.



We have a firm belief that having good feet is a major basis of a horse’s health and well-being.  When horse’s feet are looked after in the correct manner, it assists in everything else falling into place. Our farrier work is conducted by Brendan Meagher of B.M Farrier Services.



Victorian Equine Group based locally in Bendigo provides Stonehouse with all our veterinary services.

With Vets Dr Sarah Jalim, Dr Simon Robinson and Dr Michael Whiteford, Stonehouse has the highest quality of Veterinary services. With assistance when required and reproductive vetting conducted a minimum of three days a week during the breeding season, Stonehouse has 24/7 veterinary services available.

With the recent appointment of Dr Tom Russel at Victorian Equine Group, Stonehouse has available the highest standard of veterinary surgery on offer. As the senior surgeon at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital for the past 8 years, Tom has a wealth of knowledge, and has published numerous articles in Veterinary journals.

To read more about Victorian Equine Group and their experienced team please follow the link.